Website Strategy & Online Marketing Consulting

At Latarial Web Strategy we are dedicated to using respected search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to give you the most online exposure possible. We never promise specific search engine rankings (and we caution you against employing anyone who does), but everything from the way we structure and build our sites to the way we write our content is aimed at making your website a frontrunner in your competitive space.

We have experience in all areas along the lifespan of a website, from creation to maintenance. And for those clients who want to utilize our expertise to increase their online market share, our online marketing consulting will come in handy. We have a wide base of experience in the following online services:

  • Search Engine Optimization - ensuring search engine compatible site structure, back end, text, images, internal and external links, titles and metadata
  • Local Business Listings - submission to local business listing websites like Google Local and Yelp
  • Social Media - creating and managing Facebook, Twitter and other relevant social media accounts
  • Paid Search Campaigns - creating targeted pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns that utilize custom landing pages
  • Analytics - embedding Google Analytics tracking tags on all pages and emails, and providing customized reports on website usage and success

Online Marketing as a Next Step

Many small business owners in Seattle and on the Eastside simply want a website toward which they can direct potential clients. For them, building a basic website is enough. But some clients come to rely on the stream of clientele that come from the web once Latarial gets them started with a high quality, optimized website.

Latarial offers a number of online marketing services to clients whose websites we manage. We approach some forms of online marketing liberally and others conservatively, depending on your industry, your site, your budget and the outcomes you’re after.

Paid Advertising

The organic SEO we do for you when we build and update your Seattle or Eastside website is the best, most lasting way to build your web presence. However, initial SEO results can take a while to come to fruition. In the meantime, some clients prefer to purchase small ads in the margins of search engine results pages to get more customers to their site in the interim. Others initiate these paid search (or PPC) campaigns when they run specials or have some other compelling business reason to increase their online exposure.

We love running paid search campaigns on Google, Bing and Yahoo! Search as a supplement to your online marketing plan.

Social Media

With all the hype that social media outlets like facebook and Twitter are getting, it’s no wonder that little “like it,” “pin it,” and “share” buttons are popping up all over the web. When web readers use these buttons, they create important links to your website, essentially providing you with free publicity!  We can fully integrate social media into your site, and we can also create and manage your social media presence.