Website Content

Many larger companies employ writers that can compile effective copy for their websites. But the small companies we work with often struggle to come up with content that sums up their offerings and markets it effectively to their clients. Depending on your level of need, we offer everything from simple copy editing (a quick grammatical once-over) to complete content packages (so you don’t have to write a single word yourself). You can purchase your website writing by the page or as part of a package that includes company research, employee interviews, unique content and multiple edit passes.

All of our website writing includes elements of search engine optimization (SEO). We are passionate about helping our clients “get found” on the web by writing in a way that helps both customers and search engines understand them clearly.

SEO as a Way of Life

In technology rich areas like Redmond, Seattle, Bellevue and surrounding neighborhoods, you won’t have any trouble finding a website company to build you a good-looking site. But the one thing you may have to look harder to find is a company focused on serving the needs of small businesses with the level of SEO expertise we possess.

At Latarial we are passionate about search engine optimization. In today’s world, many people bypass the address bar in their browser entirely and instead type simple phrases into a search engine on their phone, laptop or tablet. For example, someone who wants to find our website is likely to type “Latarial” or “Latarial Redmond” into Google instead of bothering with “www” or “.com”. And if they don’t remember our business name, they might type in “SEO website Seattle” or “small business website company,” hoping to see our name in the first page of results. So we would be remiss to neglect any reasonable, above-board efforts that would get us to the top of those search results and into the sight lines of our customers! The same is true for you.

The truth is, in today’s market you simply must include search engine optimization as a cornerstone of your web strategy. And we don’t make websites any other way.

Content is King

SEO strategists from the Silicon Valley to New York agree: “content is king.” That is, the words on each page of your website will play a large roll in determining its placement on search results pages. Of course, we will do numerous things to help communicate your true small business offerings to search engines like Google and Bing, but the words themselves are central in our endeavor.

That is why we offer first rate content creation and editing that always includes elements of search engine optimization. For more information on our website copywriting services, see our services page.