About Latarial Web Strategy

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Latarial Web Strategy is a husband-and-wife team from Redmond dedicated to helping small businesses around Seattle and the Eastside build strong, lasting websites. Jeremy and Joy Hutton each bring a unique skill set to the website development process, ensuring a well-rounded and unique website experience that meets your company’s—and your clients’—needs. To learn more about us, see our team page.

Building Local Business Websites Since 2005

Latarial Web Strategy started when Jeremy’s friends and acquaintances kept asking for website pointers after he graduated from WWU. While in college, he managed the WWU Bookstore website and developed the local NHRMA (Northwest Human Resource Management Association) chapter website before branching into website creation for local businesses. As news about his web expertise spread, he helped numerous small companies find their place on the growing world wide web.

After college, Jeremy continued to build up his professional experience in the Seattle area with work-week jobs at Safeco Insurance, Xbox.com and Pop Multimedia. But Latarial Web Strategy had taken root, and his passion for creating and maintaining well-built, easy-to-use websites for Seattle businesses had become a way of life.

Creating Websites on the WordPress Platform

Soon after Jeremy started building websites in earnest, he discovered WordPress. This free, reliable content management system (CMS) offers flexibility, SEO compatibility and a user-friendly interface that his customers (even internet novices) can easily navigate. WordPress enables us to keep our prices low by streamlining our web development process while offering virtually endless design and functionality options. If you have any questions about the product, just mention it to Jeremy and he can tell you anything you want to know.

Social Responsibility: Creating More than Just Websites

At Latarial Web Strategy, we love what we do. We’d do it even if the need was smaller and the work was harder. We are thankful for the time we get to spend helping small Seattle and Eastside businesses find a web presence. So we donate a significant portion of our profits each year to initiatives that fight poverty and advance the entrepreneurial spirit around the world. For more information about our commitment to innovation and helping others, see our page about social responsibility.

To learn what we can do for your small business, see our services page. Or browse through our portfolio for ideas.